Goreshad3 Spoiled!

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Goreshad3 Spoiled!

Inlägg  Jocke i tis jan 14, 2014 8:23 am


DaughterOfFrankenstein skrev:Now's as good a time as any.

New system. Only bold text indicates confirmed spoilers. The following is 3rd hand, and supposedly from No Quarter. Will update with exact spoilers as they're seen.

SPD - 8
STR - (Goreshade2)
MAT - 7
RAT - (Goreshade2)
DEF - 14
ARM - 17
CMD - ??

Boxes - 17

WJ pts: 5

Weapon: (Goreshade2)

<ability>: If one or more enemy models cast a spell while in Goreshade's control area, Goreshade may cast 1 spell without spending focus next turn.

<Feat>: Center a 3" AOE on any number of friendly non-warcaster warrior models in Goreshade 3's control area (This effect is apparently targeted, but I do not know the exact wording). All enemy models in the AoEs without immunity: cold become stationary. Models that have had AOEs centered on them are destroyed.

Spell List:

Scything Touch
Infernal Machine

Siphon Bolt:
COST - 2
RNG - 8
POW - 12
When this spell hits an enemy model with 1 or more focus or fury points on it, that model loses 1 focus or fury and this model gains 1 focus point.

Mockery Of Life:
COST - 2
Return one destroyed friendly Faction Undead Grunt to play with one unmarked damage box. It must be placed in this model's control area in formation and within 3" of another model in its unit. The Grunt must forfeit its action the turn it is returned to play.

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Sv: Goreshad3 Spoiled!

Inlägg  DanielBerg i lör feb 08, 2014 10:26 am

I like!

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Sv: Goreshad3 Spoiled!

Inlägg  Micke i tis feb 25, 2014 7:51 pm


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Sv: Goreshad3 Spoiled!

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